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👽 Hello World!

My name is Ridin, I am a Software Engineer turned Project Manager who is an absolute pleasure and fun to work with. I am a person who thrives in creative environments and believes in the fact that great achievement in a business has a team of genuine people working behind it. I know for a fact that a great product is born as a result of an amazing team having fun while building it.🖖

I come from a 💻 computer science engineering background and love to explore and build skills around entrepreneurship, UI/UX, and Product Design. I am a PMP certified Project Manager who has experience in fast-paced startup environments juggling multiple Agile and Waterfall based projects to success time after time 🚀.

Outside of work, I am a hardcore foodie, avid reader, productivity hack lover, occasional mechanic, seasonal gym rat 🏋️‍♂️, and aficionado of freshly brewed coffee ☕**..**


🤹 But Why You ? What makes you different ?

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I have always been appreciated for my high EQ 🧘🏻‍♂️ by my colleagues, managers, and customers on various occasions. I believe that is the one quality that makes me unique and enables me to establish and grow positive 😎 relationships with team and clients.

I make sure that I end a negotiation on win-win 🔥 terms and it has helped me in generating repeated businesses and enhancing customer satisfaction. I make sure that work is taken all the way to its completion despite of any roadblock.🥳

Understanding individual differences in a team and their unique needs combined with my ability to delegate tasks according to individual strengths proves to be my greatest strength 💪. I believe that these are the core qualities required in the leaders of the next generation ♠️

**I build long-lasting and trusting professional relationships with the people whom I lead because they appreciate that I look deeper into their needs and greatest assets. Being supportive in tough situations and lending help without expectation has always helped me create a positive work environment around me.**😇 ****

Other Skills: Good listener, has an eye for Detail, comes up with quick quirky Ideas, Street Smart negotiation skills, and 100% Remote work compatibility.🎯


🕺 Do you have any remote work experience?

**I am currently working with a leading Canadian Education Technology firm Lighthouse Labs who operates 100% remotely.**🙌

In 2019 I had an opportunity to work as a consultant Project Manager (Global 🌐 - remote) with a US-based product development company TAPDN,CORT Berkshire Hathaway(now known as 4Site). I had to manage their teams comprising of web backend, frontend, embedded firmware development, and QA engineers. In this, the web backend team, firmware dev team, and QA team were located in 2 different geographical locations in India 🇮🇳**, and the web frontend team worked from their HQ in Beverly Hills, USA** 🇺🇸**.**

**Some of my responsibilities included resource and task management, release management, QA, and product innovation. Conducting daily standup huddles and coordinating on the action items. I used tools like JIRA, SmartSheet, and G-Suit to manage project planning & execution. I reported directly to the CEO and CTO to partake in program increments. TAPDN was successfully acquired during the first quarter of 2020 by Berkshire Hathaway.**🤩


🚴‍♂️ What keeps you busy?

**In my current role I work closely with the Education Delivery team, Learning Design & Development team, Career Services team, Marketing team, Government team, Web development team, Account Managers, Subject Matter Experts and Mentors to deliver up-skilling and re-skilling education programs as Bootcamps to individuals or as cohorts to corporate and government initiatives. Coming from an Agile background, executing projects in waterfall model was an exciting change of pace.**😇

In my past roles, I performed on-boarding of projects with enterprise-level customers and strengthened the relationship with them through comprehensive engagement and communications strategy that proactively maintained 💪 high customer satisfaction.

My experience as a Software Developer helps me work closely with Agile tech-dev team to ensure that quality of delivery meets customer insights and aids in innovation and continuous improvement required in user experience(UX). I ensure on-time delivery of projects by flagging scope creep, reviewing change requests, and identifying risks at the early stages of project execution.🎯

Assigning the team with internal tasks, create project timelines, resolve/delegate the issues raised, conduct daily internal huddle meetings for every project, conduct weekly client meetings, and coordinate action items among the team internally and clients externally are all part of my day to day activities.

**In addition to PM responsibilities, in one of my past roles I also handles invoicing, purchases, international product shipment, manufacturing of electronic products, outsourced SW/HW development and worked closely with the sales and business development team.**🔥

From engineering requirement analysis, coding to QA report verification I have worked hands-on or otherwise managed overall project execution. My technical background and analytical thinking helps me easily communicate with all the key stakeholders in the project, delve into details of development, and resolved issues on the fly.😎


📜 Certifications




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😎 All Right ! Show me your Resume.

**You can download or view my resume here.**👍

I am a Permanent Resident of Canada. 🍁 🇨🇦


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